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Quetzal options not enabled


When Quetzal starts for the first time, it will request that you allow it to enable use of the following iPad features:

The example below shows these options within the iPad settings, under the Quetzal app's unique settings. All of the options are shown as being switched on.

For optimal use of the Quetzal app, it is recommended that these options all be enabled. However, when these options are not enabled, there are several features that you will lose. All of the situations below can be rectified by turning on the respective features.


Disabling photos halts the use of a small but very important part of the Quetzal system. On the administration page under the account tab, you are given a variety of options to better customize your organization. Notably, this tab allows you to change the organization logo that appears on your receipts. When tapping the browse option on this screen, you are given two options: to either take a photo or to choose an existing photo.

The given options are fairly self explanatory: taking a photo will automatically launch the Camera app and allow you to create a photo for use, while choosing an existing photo links Quetzal to the Photos app which allows you to select either a photo from there.

However, when the Photos app is disallowed from integration with Quetzal, you will instead see a message that states that since the Photos app is disabled, you will not be able to access this Quetzal feature.


The Microphone app has a unique use within the Quetzal system. Instead of providing support for use of the iPad mic, it instead allows the usage of payment dongles that plug into the iPad's audio jack, such as the Roam payment dongle. In the example below you can see an example of the Roam system being used at checkout.

When the Microphone is disabled, transactions that utilize the iPad's audio jack will no longer function properly. As a result if you wish to use a dongle using your audio jack, it is very important to ensure that you keep your microphone setting switched on.


Integration with the Camera app is an extremely important aspect of the Quetzal system as it allows the use of the RedLaser powered camera scanner. As this scanner allows you to forgo the use of a potentially expensive handscanner, it is highly advantageous to use the iPad camera to work with scan codes.

When the Camera app is disabled for use in Quetzal, the camera features will then cease to function at all. Instead selecting the camera will cause the iPad to generate a message that will explain to that the camera is disabled and it will need to be reenabled in order for it to function.