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Troubleshooting a White Blank Screen


It is possible Quetzal will load only a blank white screen with no options to continue. This article will explain how to prevent the occurence of this issue and how to solve the issue if it occurs.

Prevention and Solution

Lack of connectivity

The white screen can occur when Quetzal is launched without an internet connection. This is simulated in the example above, which was done by setting the iPad in airplane mode and therefore disabling Wi-Fi. As shown, starting Quetzal without an internet connection leads only to this white screen, with nothing else loading.

You should also confirm that you lack connectivity by going into Wi-Fi settings on the iPad and ensuring that you are connected to the correct network. You should also tap the "i" button located on the same line as your listed network and confirm that you have been assigned an IP address.


Solving this issue may be as simple as connecting to your Wi-Fi network so Quetzal is able to connect to the cloud and pull the store data. Once connected to the internet, simply restart the Quetzal app and it should run as it normally does.

In the event that the iPad is reporting that you are still connected to your regular network, you can try the following steps. First, without logging out, close the Quetzal app by double tapping the home button and swipe the app upwards. Then swipe up from the the bottom of the screen, bringing up the control center.

On the control center, tap the Wi-Fi icon to shut off wireless connections and try to reload the Quetzal app. The app may then reopen in offline mode, which will allow you to continue to make sales transactions. From here, try reenabling Wi-Fi, which should allow the iPad to regain its connection with the cloud.

Improper Logout

On very rare occasions, closing the Quetzal app without logging out can cause the white screen to appear when Quetzal is opened the following day.


This issue can be avoided by logging out of the Quetzal app at the end of the sales day. This is done by tapping the Quetzal logo on the upper left corner of the main screen and selecting Log out. This will log you out of the current location and require the store's shared password to log back in.

In the event that the white screen appears and you have ruled out that it is not an issue with connectivity, the solution is to reinstall the Quetzal app. Fortunately this is neither a complicated or time-consuming solution.

Uninstalling the Quetzal app will result in the loss of any sales that have not yet been added to the cloud, typically caused due to no internet connectivity. These sales will be shown in the sales tab of the Terminal screen, listed as "Pending". When reinstalling the Quetzal app, it is crucial to ensure that there are not any transactions currently pending.

To uninstall the Quetzal app, press and hold the Quetzal icon on the iPad home screen. This will cause the icons on the screen to jiggle, while bringing small x icons on apps that are able to be uninstalled. Tapping the x on the Quetzal icon will uninstall the app.

The next step is to go into the app store and find the Quetzal app. This most easily done by selecting the search option on the upper right corner of the app store screen and typing "quetzal shoes". This will provide a link to the app in the suggestions box.

You will see the Quetzal app listed. Tapping the app description will bring up a small page allowing you to view the details and reviews of the app, along with any related apps. From this screen, you only need to tap the button labeled "Get", this will change the button to "Install". You may be required to enter an AppleID and associated password prior to downloading the software.

Remember that downloading the Quetzal app is free; there are no additional charges for reinstalling the app.

The Quetzal app should automatically download and install. From there, opening the Quetzal app will prompt you for your 8-digit location code. After entering the code and the subsequent shared password, Quetzal will pull your store data from the cloud.

Since Quetzal was uninstalled from your iPad prior to this point, bringing store data down from the cloud will likely take somewhat longer than usual.

Once this has finished, you need to set up your printers and any integrated payment options you have available.