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Cash Drawer Not Opening


The cash drawer will not open when a sale is finalized or when the 'Open Drawer' button in Quetzal is pressed. There are a few reasons that could be preventing the cash drawer from opening.

Locked/Stuck Drawer

It is possible that the drawer itself is either locked or stuck. A clue that there is a physical reason for the drawer not opening is when a sales is completed or the 'Open Drawer' button is pressed you hear the drawer click. This click is the solenoid releasing the spring to open the drawer.
If you hear the click and the drawer only opens a bit, it is likely that the cash drawer is locked and unlocking the drawer with the key should correct the issue. If the drawer is not locked you will need to see if the drawer is physically jammed or if the spring is no longer functioning properly. Unfortunately physical hardware issues are beyond the scope of this support center and will require servicing. If there is no click noise made when a sale is finalized or when the 'open drawer' button is pressed then the solenoid is not being released. This can be a failure of the solenoid which will require servicing or more likely a failure of the cable connecting the cash drawer to the printer.

Checking the Cable

If the drawer used to open and no longer does then it is likely that there is a problem with the cable. The easiest way to determine if the cable is faulty is to test your system with a known working cable or to test a known working system with your cable. A neighbouring store may allow you to quickly test your cable with their system. If the cable does not work with the other store's system or another cable works with your system then the cable is bad an will need to be replaced. The drawer cable may look like a standard phone cable but the wiring is different and a standard phone cable will not work.

Cash Drawer Cable: Notice the cable is laid out in a straight through pattern. Pin 1 is connected to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, and 4 to 4.

Phone Cable: Notice the cable is laid out in a cross over pattern. Pin 1 is connected to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 4, and 4 to 3.

If your cable is fine then the problem lies with either the printer or the cash drawer and further isolation testing will need to be performed, (with known working cash drawer or printer) to isolate the source of the problem.