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How to take payments


After adding all items to the ledger, applying any and all discounts, and associating the sale to a customer record (if necessary), it is time to take a payment or payments and finalize the transaction.

How to take a payment

Once you have completed all the steps on the ledger the final step is to accept a payment and finalize the transaction. The first step is to press on the Payments section of the ledger which will take you to the payments panel.

Payments Panel

The payments panel is the location that will allow you to apply a payment or payments to the transaction. The items that have been scanned will still appear on the left. The middle section is where you will apply payments and select the method of payments, and the right hand side will list the payments that have been applied to the transaction.

You will notice that below the 'numbered area' there will be a series of buttons which can include any or all of the following (some variation by country):





The buttons above are the methods of payments. A payment will in most cases be assigned to a single payment type, however it is possible to split up a payment across any number of payment types.

To accept a payment and apply it to a single payment type, you simply need to press the appropriate payment option the customer wants to use and the payment wil be processed. If the customer wants to split the payment over multiple payment types you simply enter the value of the first payment and select the payment type. Repeat this process for each of the remaining payments. In the image to the right you can see 2 payments applied to a purchase, $5.50 applied as a cash payment and $6.00 applied to credit.

After you have applied all the payments to the transaction you will simply follow the Finalize Transaction steps to complete the transaction.