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How to put an item on Layaway

Customer requests to put an item on layaway

Using Quetzal it is absolutely possible to put an item on old or layaway for a customer. The process is very simple, here are the steps:

  1. Create an account for the customer who would like to put an item on hold. This is just a normal customer account that can be create in the normal fashion in the terminal window. It would be best to collect full contact details for this particular type of customer.

  2. Go back to the ledger by pressing the leger icon (left most icon from the top 5 icons).

  1. Scan the item or items to be placed on hold as normal.

  2. Press the Payments area and process the amount of money being put down to hold the item.

  3. Unlike a normal sale once the hold payment is made you will need to press the Details button (highlighted below) to return to the Transaction Details panel.


  1. Now press the 'More' link at the top right if the screen which will open a new panel with an area for Transaction Notes. Any note entered in this field will appear on the receipt. In this example a simple "layaway" note was entered.

  2. At the bottom on the screen there are two options:

    a) The Print Receipts For Hold option will print two receipts that will detail the item on layaway and any payments made on that item including the date and time the payment was made. One receipt is for the customer and the other is for the merchant and are duly marked. You will need to press this option to print out the Hold Receipts.

    b) The second option is to Open the Cash drawer.

  3. After the receipts have been printed you will want to press 'Close' which will return you to the Ledger and Transaction Details panel.

  4. The last step is to press the 'New' option at the top left of the Transaction Details panel. This will 'Stash' the transaction on the iPad and ready the terminal for the next sale.

How to Access a Stashed Layaway Sale

To access an item that was previously put on layaway you will need to access the Terminal screen on the iPad that the layaway was processed on. The layaway will not exist on any other iPad that may be in use in the organization.

In the Terminal Screen you will need to go to the Sales Tab. The Sales Tab will list current active sales on the iPad on the left and Finalized sales on the right.

Below you can see the entry for the item on layaway (highlighted on the left). By selecting the appropriate box in the list you will open up the sale in the Ledger which will allow you see the transaction details, accept another payment, or complete the sale.

Accepting a Second (or more) Payments on a Layaway

To accept a second payment on a layaway. You will need to access the appropriate transaction as described above.

Once the stashed layaway tranaction is open you will need to press on the Payments portion and enter in the amount being applied to the layaway.

If the layaway is being paid off you will proceed to finalize the payment as per a normal transaction or sale.

If the layaway isn't being paid off, after you apply the payment, press the 'Details' link at the top followed by the 'More' link which will allow you to print another Hold Receipt (seen right). This new receipt will show all the previous payments made and the dates the payments were made (highlighted section on the right).

Once the Hold Receipts are printed you will press the 'Close' link at the top followed by the 'New' link which will stash the layaway again and prepare the ledger for the next sale.

Recovering a Lost Stashed Layaway Transaction

Since a layaway transaction is stored on the iPad it is possible that the layaway can be lost. The loss can happen when:

a) The Quetzal App is uninstalled while a stashed transaction exists
b) Staff member deletes the stashed transaction
c) The iPad is damaged or stolen

Recovering from a lost or deleted layaway transaction is easy using the Merchant copy of the Hold Receipt.

All of the payments made on the layaway are listed on the Hold Receipt and can be re-entered into the system using the same steps used to place the item on layaway. Until a sale is finalized

Finalizing a Layaway Transaction

To finalize a layaway tranaction you will open the stashed transaction as you did for making a second (or more) payment. Proceed to to the payments section and apply the final payment amount. At this point you will proceed to finalize the tranaction as you would for a normal transaction.

Once completed the transaction will be sent to the server and the sale will appear in the reports. It is important to note that prior to the layaway being Finalized it will not appear in the reports.