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How to perform offline transactions


Sales transactions are available while working offline. Some functionality may be limited or unavailable. It is necessary to be online in order to first unlock the software and download the set of data required to later operate offline.

Quetzal philosophy

Quetzal lets you take your POS anywhere and will let you make transactions on or off the grid. We wanted it to be as seamless as possible to be able to go offline and just keep on selling, and when you do get an internet connection again, your data immediately begins uploading to the cloud so that it can be integrated into the advanced reporting. You don't need to do anything to be able to switch from being online to working offline.

Preparing to use the system offline

If you are currently logged out of Quetzal, you will need to be online in order to unlock the system with the shared password and download from the Quetzal cloud system all of your items, prices and inventory into the iPads internal storage.

While offline, the administration, management and reports screens, those screens which require authorization with an email address and password, will not be accessible. The authorization pad displays a warning about your offline status when attempting to access one of these screens.

Authenticating into one of these screens is required for adding users or items, viewing detailed reports, adjusting inventory and other system functions, and thus these features are not available while working offline.

Performing transactions offline

Once you have entered the shared password and have gained access to the system, you are ready to run offline. All information necessary to perform offline transactions have been downloaded into the iPad's internal storage and no longer require a continuous internet connection.

The terminal screen does not use the authorization pad to access it. The PIN pad can be used to enter your PIN and gain access to the terminal without being connected to the internet.

Most features of the Terminal are available while working offline, including: Searching for items, scanning items and adding items to the ledger. Applying discounts and tax exemptions. Returning items. Assigning a customer account to the transaction. Finalizing the sale, taking on screen signatures, printing the sales receipt and opening the cash drawer.

Finalized transactions are stored locally until an internet connection becomes available. When the iPad comes back online, it will begin uploading the finalized transactions, oldest ones first. As transactions are uploaded, their inventory adjustments are applied and that information becomes available to other locations. Receipts selected to be emailed will be sent when the transaction is uploaded. And historical reports will incorporate the results of transactions after they have been uploaded. An offline transaction records the date and time when it was finalized, and even if it is uploaded at a later time, the reports will reflect the actual finalization time not the upload time.

There are some limitations while offline. New customer accounts cannot be created, and the details of existing customer accounts cannot be modified. However, existing customer accounts can be assigned to offline transactions, and when the transaction is uploaded that customer's reports will be updated to record their purchases.

All unintegrated payments are unaffected by being offline. Some integrated payment methods can also be used offline. However, some integrated payment methods may be unavailable while offline. If a payment method is not available its button will be disabled automatically in the payments panel.

Removing the Quetzal app from your iPad containing offline transaction data will result in permanent loss of the transaction data.

It is not recommended that you remain offline for more than a day or two. Information stored in offline transactions is vulnerable to being lost, if your iPad breaks or is lost or stolen the data would be gone forever. Going online whenever possible gives the system a chance to back up the sales transactions to the Quetzal cloud system, as well as to retrieve up to date information about changes to prices, inventory, users, customers and more.