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How to perform a sales transaction


Manually search for items using keywords and tags. Select an item to be added to the ledger, or scan a product's barcode using the iPad's built in camera. The items on the ledger are summarized in the transaction details panel, including taxes owing, any applied discounts, and returns. Select any item in the ledger to see its details or adjust its quantity. Add payments from the payments panel and finalize the transaction to print a receipt or open the cash drawer to give out change.

Quetzal philosophy

Quetzal's terminal gives you powerful tools, for item handling, customer management, and inline reports that help you make money, motivate your employees, and to understand your customers and your business. From the terminal you can effectively and easily apply discounts, take returns, and view your customer's recent purchases, as well as see your up to the minute inventory from all your locations. This fluidity and efficiency is important while you interact with your customer.

Quetzal has lots of great little features, such as combining a product return with a new item sale into a single transaction, or seeing your customer's buying habits in an at-a-glance visual word cloud, that will save you money in payment processing costs and help you give your customer a better experience.

A busy store using an iPad-based system needs to have easy-to-learn controls that fit the finger and use the power of the device's gestures. Quetzal uses the full power of multi-touch. You can swipe list items to reveal the delete button, press and drag to change quantities or give your customers thumbs up, drag across a report region to zoom in, and you can perform these gestures at the same time using different fingers.

How to get an item on the ledger

Items can be added to the ledger for sale or for return by searching for the product by keyword or tag and selecting it from the item list, or by scanning the product's barcode.

Item search and selection

To search for an item from the item list, choose the item list icon from the top of the right-side panel of the terminal screen.

The item list presents a scrollable list of all the items in your system, arranged in alphabetical order. Matrix items are indicated with the matrix icon. A search field is provided above the list. Typing into the search field will reduce the list to show only the items which contain the search term in any of the following fields: item name, note, scancode, internal code, or tag.

You can also open the tag panel by choosing the tag icon at the bottom left of the item list. The tag panel allows you to quickly seach for items by tag simply by selecting the tags you want. Choosing multiple tags will reduce the list to only those items which have all of the selected tags. For instance, you could search on tags "women" and "tops" and the list would return only items which were tagged with both. If you sold men's tops, they would be filtered out of the list.

Refer to the article about how to use tags to learn more about what tags can do for you and how to apply them to items.

Code scanning using the iPad camera

Quetzal can use an iPad's built-in camera to scan product barcodes and QR Codes. Press the eye icon button at the top right of the item ledger to reveal the on-board barcode scanner.

When the camera scanner is active, a view finder appears over the bottom of the ledger. Position the barcode a few inches away from the camera and the barcode will be detected automatically.

Upon a successful scan the view finder will blink to provide visual feedback. If you are not using a headphone-based payment device, and the volume is turned up, you will also hear a beep of audible feedback.

If the barcode that was scanned matches an item in your system, the item will be immediately added to the ledger. If the scanned code is assigned to more than one item, a quick and convenient conflict resolution panel will appear listing all of the items with that scancode (up to a maximum of 6.) From the conflict panel, simply choose the item that you intended to scan and that item will be added to the list and the conflict panel will disappear.

This is most useful if your product scancodes are based on codes set by their supplier, it is possible that two suppliers may use the same codes to represent different products.

Quetzal's built-in label printing feature produces high quality QR Codes from the product scancodes. The labels can later be scanned to add the item to the sales ledger. Refer to the article about how to print labels for more information.

The ledger

The ledger is the list of items on the left and gives you a sustained summary of what is going on with the current transaction. As you add items, the list grows. Each ledger item shows in bold the name of the product and extended price (price times quantity). The quantity, color and size of a matrix item, and base price of the item are shown in small print on the second line. If the item has a discount applied, that is indicated by a yellow discounted bar beneath the price. If the item is marked as a return, the price is displayed in red.

The ledger remains visible as a summary of the transaction, even if you switch to another panel such as to assign a customer to this transaction, or search for other items to add to the ledger.

The ledger list doubles as a selection tool. Its selection behaviour varies depending on the other panel which is in view. When applying a discount or a tax exemption the ledger changes appearance slightly to reveal multiple selection check marks. Touching on a ledger item when in this mode will add or remove the item from the selection. When a discount or tax exemption is added it is applied to all the ledger items in the selection at once.

From any other panel, selecting a ledger item will switch to the item details panel and highlight the selected ledger item. The item details panel gives specific details about one ledger item, including: Item name, quantity, price, cost, scancode, internal code, applied discounts, applied or implicit tax exemptions, as well as the product note.

At the bottom of the item details panel is a graph showing the recent sales with trendline for this item. This gives you an immediate sense of what is generally going on with this product.

From the item details panel an item can be removed from the ledger, marked as a return, if a customer is returning the item, and applied discounts and tax exemptions can be viewed or removed.

Refer to the articles about applying discounts, applying tax exemptions and receiving returns for further information about those features.

The quantity can be adjusted by pressing the up and down arrows, or by pressing a finger anywhere on the quantity field and sliding your finger up or down on the screen.

In addition to the information about this item, Quetzal gives you the ability to view the current inventory for the complete color and size matrix for this product at all of your locations. This inventory summary is up to date with all transactions that have been uploaded to the Quetzal cloud system, and is continually modified in realtime as information about new transactions is received.

This can be incredibly useful. Without needing to leave the terminal, a clerk can easily look up for a customer whether a different color or size or something is available, even at another one of your locations.