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How to finalize

How it is done

Once you have taken all the payments for the sale, the green finalize button becomes active and lets you complete the sale. At this point you can still peform all the functions in the terminal including adding more items, taking additional payments and even switching clerks.

When you finalize the sale, Quetzal gives you several options for closing it out and generating receipts.

Signing and receipts

The living receipt is a web-based resource that lives online forever and can be accessed by scanning the QR Code which is displayed on the screen. The cash drawer will kick open automatically if there is change due or (if you have manager level permissions) you can open it with the open drawer button. You can elect to print a receipt as well using the print receipt button.

You can email a receipt directly to your customer by inputting their email address into the form. By default this is done without remembering the email for the sake of respecting your customer's privacy. If however, the "don't remember" check is unchecked, a new customer account will be created with this email as an element in the contact field which will sort to the top of the list for easy reference. Once you are at the next transaction you can immediately fill in more information about your customer if you wish.

By selecting the next transaction button, you complete the sale for storing and uploading.

If you are doing transactions while online, you will see the dark blue section of the thermometer go up as the sale gets reported to Quetzal's cloud system. If you are offline, the tranasaction data will live on your device's local storage until you eventually make it back online.

Removing the Quetzal app from your iPad containing offline transaction data will result in permanent loss of the transaction data.

You have now completed the sale and are ready with a fresh ledger to continue to make money.