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How to do a tax exemption


This article is about how to perform a tax exemption on an item at the time of sale. This could be because a customer holds an exemption status or could be an arbitrary regional tax rule. If you have items that are always exempt from a tax by virtue of their category or classification refer to the article about how to use tags.

How to apply a tax exemption

From the terminal screen, after you have added one or more items to the sales ledger, select the icon for tax exemptions and discounts at the top of the right hand section.

Be sure to select the tax exemptions tab if the discounts tab is currently selected. Next select the items to apply the tax exemption to. Multiple items can be selected at the same time.

After filling in a note as the reason for the exemption, press the button for the specific tax type to exempt. The available tax exemption buttons correspond to the taxes that have been configured in the administration screen.

The tax exemption is applied immediately. There is no specific indicator in the ledger to denote whether a tax exemption exists.

A tax can be exempt from an item more than once, for different reasons. There is no limitation on how many times a tax exemption can be applied to an item. However, there is no mathematical difference if an item is exempt from a specific tax once or more than once. In either case, that item will not have any of that tax applied to it.

How to remove a tax exemption

Once a tax exemption has been applied to an item, it can be reviewed or removed from the details panel for that item. Select the details icon from the top of the right hand side of the screen. Then choose the item from the ledger which has the tax exemption to be removed.

From the main details panel, there is a button labeled more details which will take you to a secondary details panel. On the more details panel you will see listed all of the tax exemptions which have been applied to this item. As well as the discounts and the product note.

On an iPad swipe your finger horizontally across the tax exemption you want to remove and the delete button will be revealed. In a desktop web browser, click anywhere on the tax exemption and its delete button will appear.

If a tax exemption is applied to multiple items at the same time, it needs to be manually removed from each item it was applied to in order to completely undo the tax exemption.

In the list of tax exemptions, some may appear greyed out, with the note "Exempted by tag." These tax exemptions were not added during the time of sale, and cannot be removed from the terminal.