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How to discount


Discounts can be manually applied to items being sold in the terminal. Discounts can be applied to more than one item at a time, and can be removed by going to the more details section of a ledger item.

Discount types

Discounts can be manually applied to any single item, or group of items, as well as to items being returned. Discounts can be applied in three (3) different ways:

Targeted price discounts cannot set a target price that is greater than the original price of the item, as this would produce a negative currency discount, which is not supported.

How to apply a discount

From the terminal screen, after you have added one or more items to the sales ledger, select the icon for discounts and tax exemptions at the top of the right hand section.

While in the discounts section, the ledger changes to be in a multi-item select mode. Choose the items to apply the discount to by selecting each item. When an item is selected it has a checkmark beside it. Selecting an item again will remove it from the selection and the checkmark will be turned off.

To choose the discount type press the blue button beside the number screen above the keypad. Pressing the discount type button repeatedly will cycle through through the available types. Enter on the keypad the value of the discount.

Certain limitations apply, and the screen will display the numbers in red with warning text if a value is not valid for some reason.

When applying a discount the notes field may be filled out. The note will be recorded with the transaction and stored in the database for future reporting and auditing purposes.

Once an item has at least one discount applied to it, this is very easy to see on the ledger as a yellow bar with the word discounted appears beneath the price of the item.

About the discount types

When applying currency and percentage discounts to the same item, all currency discounts are removed from the item first, and the sum of the percentage discounts is then calculated on the remaining price of the item. For example, if an item with a price of $100 has a 10% discount as well as a $10 discount applied, regardless of the order that they were applied, the result will be computed as follows, first: $100 - $10 = $90 second: $90 - ($90 X 0.10) = $81

How to remove a discount

Once a discount has been applied to an item, it can be reviewed or removed from the details panel for that item. Select the item details icon from the top of the right hand side of the screen. Then choose the item from the ledger which has the discount to be removed.

From the main details panel, there is a button labeled more details which will take you to a secondary details panel. On the more details panel you will see listed all of the discounts which have been applied to this item. As well as the tax exemptions and the product note.

On an iPad swipe your finger horizontally across the discount you want to remove and the delete button will be revealed. In a desktop web browser, click anywhere on the discount and its delete button will appear.

If a discount was applied to multiple items at the same time, it will need to be manually removed from each item. When a percentage discount is applied to multiple items, each item is discounted by that percentage of its own price. When a currency discount is applied to multiple items its value is distributed across the items. When the discount is removed from one of those items, the value of the discount remains the same, but it is redistributed across the remaining items it applies to. When it is deleted from the last item it applies to, it will then be completely removed.

If a currency discount is distributed across multiple items, and then removed from one of the items, it is possible that the value of the discount is greater than the sum of the prices of the remaining items. This is an invalid state, because it would result in the prices of the discounted items to be negative. In this case, the currency discount is automatically removed from all remaining items it applied to.