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How to use store credit


This document explains how enable the use of store credit as an optional payment and refund system. It also explains how to put funds onto a customer account when they return a product, how to pay for a product from funds that are available in a customer account. And how to check a customer account for their store credit balance.

Quetzal philosophy

Quetzal allows you to refund to a customer account store credit and for the customer to make purchases from their available store credit. The system is incredibly simple and easy to use, there is nothing to configure. Store credit can also be used to handle the sale of gift cards. Balance can be transfered from customer to customer with a simple transaction. Liability is integrated into daily reports and when you export your customers you see their store credit there too. Quetzal's store credit system is powerful and flexible, but simple to use.

How to enable store credit

Store credit works like other payments systems, but the balance is tracked internally. To enable store credit, first log into the administration screen. Next, select the integrations tab from the left and choose the payments integration.

Under the basic payments section there is a switch for Store Credit. Turn the switch on and store credit is ready to go. There are no other configuration options required.

How to put a balance on a customer account

While processing a sales transaction you may be in a situation where the store owes money to the customer. This could be because the customer has done a return, or because they have made a payment in excess of what they owed resulting in change due. That balance owing to the customer can be paid out via store credit.

A customer account must be associated with the current sales transaction.

When there is an amount owing and a customer is associated with the account the Store Credit button is enabled in the payments panel.

Press the Store Credit button to place the balance on the customer account. After finalizing the transaction the customer's details will be updated to reflect their new balance.

How to spend the balance on a customer account

To spend the balance on a customer account, a customer who has a store credit balance must be associated with the current sales transaction.

Whenever there is an amount which the customer owes on the sale, all or part of that amount can be paid using the customer's store credit balance. You use the Store Credit button in the same manner as any other payment button: enter the amount to be paid and press the Store Credit button.

If the amount specified to be paid exceeds the balance on the customer account, pressing the Store Credit button will use up to the entire balance of the account. At this point a further payment must be made in order to finalize then sale. The new amount owing is computed and put onto the payment pad's screen automatically.

How to check the balance of a customer account

When selecting a customer account to be associated with the current sale, the customer's store credit balance is displayed in the top right corner of their details panel.

The balance is also included in the extra details of the table view of each customer report. In the report screen select the customers tab. From any one of the customer reports select the table view from the icons at the top of the right hand section. The table shows a column for each of the dates selected and each row shows the data for a unique customer. Pressing the smiling icon below the table to include additional columns of data for the customer to the right of the last date column.

Additional columns include email, phone, address, thumb rank, notes and the customer's store credit balance. When the report is exported those columns are included in the export.

Similarly, this data can also be exported by using the export function in the customer section of the terminal.

How to use store credit with gift and loyalty cards

Quetzal's flexible store credit system allows for easy integration with gift and loyalty cards.

A Gift card or Loyalty card can be issued to a customer for the purpose of identifying and associating the customer with the sale.

When selling a gift card to a new customer, create a new customer to be associated with the current sales transaction. Scan the gift card number into the note field of the customer. This associates that card with the customer account. In the payments panel whenever the balance is zero the pad goes into chargeback mode. Enter the amount of money you want to put onto the gift card. This could be an amount physically printed on the card. Then press the Store Credit button. The transaction will then have a balance owing which can be paid using any other payment method.

After the transaction is finalized the balance will be assigned to that customer account.

When a customer returns to the store and presents a gift card, select the customer account panel. In the list of all customers, scan or type the gift card number into the search field. The associated customer account will be found. Select that customer and the customer can be immediately informed of what their account balance is.

When using gift or loyalty cards via Quetzal store credit, the balance is always held in the customer account and the card is simply used as a means to identify and quickly look up that account. If additional information, name, email or other contact information is added to the account the customer can be looked up by other means.

This has the advantage that if the customer loses their card, a new card can be issued to them simply by replacing the card number in the customer account note field.

How to transfer balance from one customer account to another

A balance on a customer account can be easily transfered from one account to another. In a sales transaction first associate the customer account you want to transfer the balance to. In the payments panel enter the amount you want to transfer and press the Store Credit button. There is now a balance owing on the transaction. Return to the customers panel and select the customer account which you want to transfer the balance from. Back in the payments panel press the Store Credit button to pay for the balance owing using the currently associated customer.

When the transaction is finalized the store credit will be transfered from the customer who paid with their store credit to the customer who was given the store credit. It's as easy as that.

Store Liability

When a return is made to store credit or when a gift card is sold, the store's liability is increased. The daily summary shows how much liability was generated on the current day. On the example below, note how the Cash Out (CCE, refunded) field displays the day's current liability value.

For more information about reporting on liability refer to Quetzal's extensive reports screen.