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How to manage customer accounts


Create new customer accounts at any time. Customer accounts can be associated with sale transactions in order to track customer buying habits. If a customer account has an email address entered, sales receipts will be automatically emailed. Quetzal tries to help you serve your customers by letting you know a little more about them than you already know.

Selecting and adding customers

In the terminal screen, select the customer accounts icon in the upper right to reveal the customer add and select panel.

The customer list shows all the customers entered into the system in alphabetical order by name or email if there is no name. You can search this list by using the customer search field. The search looks through name, contact info and notes to find a match. To add a new customer, simply type in the name of the person and hit the add (+) button.

Select a customer from the list and the customer details panel will slide into place. The customer details panel shows you the customer information at a glance.

Since Quetzal uses a special type of data storage, there is no need to have separate fields for every possible shred of information. In the contact field, type in whatever contact information you want to keep or your customer is willing to give you. Quetzal can easily differentiate an email from a phone number and street address. When it's time to use the customer information, Quetzal will export the data in its separate parts for your convenience. The note field is searchable and can be used to keep track of a store credit, a special order or just an everyday reminder about the person.

You can give your customer the thumbs up.

The thumbs up control gives you and your staff another handy way of knowing your customer. You can use this tool to adopt in-store policies for assigning discounts, giving out promotions or just an indicator of how fond you are of them. The number of thumbs up gets exported in customer reporting as well so it can be used in sorting or selecting. Any way you want to use this tool is up to you.

A selected customer is the associated customer

Leave the customer screen and go directly to the tranaction ledger and you will notice that the customer is now listed in the sale at the top right under the clerk's name.

Now, all the activity taking place in this sale including products purchased, returns, discounts is associated with this customer.

Customer history info

In the customer panel, you can immediately see the purchase history for this customer. You can view it as a graph of recent sales under "net revenue" or as a list under "purchase history". Additionally, you can visualize the product puchase mix under "tag cloud". For more info about the tag cloud see the article about customer tag clouds.