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About the customer tag cloud


Quetzal helps you get an instant, visual representation of who your customer is by presenting a tag cloud of their sales. When you use the tagging system to organize your items, Quetzal gives you back this powerful visual imagery. Unlike any tech-based social media activity, this gives you real-time personal insight about your customer and what they buy in your store. You can act on this knowledge immediately to make more money and stay in business.

What is a tag cloud?

Here is what your clerk sees when viewing the customer account panel in the terminal with tag cloud selected.

This depicts a customer's past purchases.

The size of each word is proportional to the puchases this customer made of items tagged with these tags. This customer shown above, Chris, buys women's cotton t-shirts and jeans and occasionally something for a man. If she's in buying a hat today, it would do everyone a favor to mention your store's special on cotton v-necks.

Quetzal is proud to bring you this innovative, visual and intuitive way to understand your customer.