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About sales receipts


Sales receipts and payment receipts can be printed on demand. Sales receipt can be sent by email. Receipts can be customized with logo and footer message. The living receipt can be accessed by scanning a QR Code with a smartphone.

Quetzal philosophy

We increasingly live in a paperless world, and Quetzal is at the forefront of serving your customers the way they want to be. Printed paper receipts are of course always an option, but now with Quetzal you have so many more options. An on screen QR Code lets your tech savvy customers scan their receipt to get it digitally right on their smartphone. Or you can take their email address, save it to a customer account if you want, and their receipt will appear in their inbox for their records.

How to put a custom logo on the receipt

From the administration screen, select the account tab from the left. In the top right there is a control for uploading your organization's logo. Logos can be uploaded directly from the iPad's photo library, or on the desktop you can pick a file saved on your computer.

Quetzal supports logos in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats, any file size up to one megabyte. The logo will be automatically scaled to fit the receipt, keeping the proportions right without any stretching or skewing.

Quetzal will also automatically greyscale and dither the image for printing to thermal receipt paper. If your logo is in PNG format, Quetzal even supports PNG transparencies by matting them to white while maintaining the shadows and textures.

How to customize the receipt message and reply address

In the administration screen accounts tab, the bottom right side of the screen below the custom logo, are two fields. From Email Address and Footer. The From Email Address field allows you to specify a customer Reply-To email address for emailed receipts.

For internet security reasons we are unable to send emails which specify that they came directly from the address you supply to Quetzal. However, Quetzal can send emails with your email address in the Reply-To field. When your customer receives an email it will come from, however, if your customer tries to reply to the email, their reply will be directed to you.

The Footer field is a text area for your receipt footer message. The text content is printed just as seen, up to forty eight (48) characters per line.

If you put in spaces at the beginning or ends of lines, the spacing will be maintained when printed to the receipt paper. This allows you to center text for a thank you message, or make simple tables for store hours or your return policy.

If your organization has more than one location you can provide an additional footer message that is specific to each location. The footer message you provide in the Accounts tab will be printed on receipts from all your locations.

This feature allows you to specify, for example, a standard greeting and return policy that will appear on all receipts, but different hours of operation for each location.

To set the footer message for one specific location, from the Administration Screen, select the Locations tab. Next, choose the location to customize. From the top right of the screen choose the icon that looks like a box. Below the tax configuration is an Extended Message field.

What does a sales receipt look like?

The sales receipt places your organization's logo at the top and center, scaled to fit. Followed by the name of your organization and the name of this location and then the address for this location.

What is the living receipt?

You may have noticed the QR Code and website address printed at the bottom of the sales receipt. This same QR Code can also be found in the terminal at the time of finalizing a sale.

The customer can use their smartphone to scan this code, either directly from the screen of the iPad while finalizing the transaction, or from their own printed receipt. They can also type the website address manually into a web browser on their smartphone or a computer.

They will be directed to a digital version of the receipt which lives online forever. The receipt is anonymous, the customer's name or personal information does not appear on the receipt. And all living receipts are stored at an address composed of a randomly generated receipt code, per location. Security measures make it impossible to find receipts by random attempts.

How do I email the sales receipt?

Receipt emails are sent automatically, after a transaction has been finalized and uploaded to the Quetzal cloud system. If you are working offline, the emails will be sent when you come back online and the transactions are subsequently uploaded.

In order to send a receipt to an email, an email address must be filled into the email field on the finalize transaction panel. If the transaction is already associated with a customer account and that customer has an email address in their contact field the email will be automatically filled into email field on the finalize transaction panel. If you change the email, the new email will be added to the contact field for that customer.

If you do not have a customer associated with the sale, the finalize transaction panel will show an email field, but it will also have a "don't remember" option. If don't remember is checked (turned on), the receipt will be emailed to that address, but the email address will not be saved. If however, the don't remember option is dechecked (turned off), the system will automatically create a new customer account, add this email address to their contact field and associate the customer account with this sale.