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How to use the location launcher


The location launcher helps you to setup an iPad for first time. It provides a keypad to input your eight (8) digit location code.

Quetzal philosophy

Once you've signed up and have received the sign up confirmation email, you can download the Quetzal app from the iOS App Store. The first time you launch the app it won't know who you are. Your location code is yours forever and uniquely identifies your location. It can't be changed.

What do I do with the launcher?

If you haven't signed up for a Quetzal account yet, do that now. If you have already signed up, you should have received a sign up confirmation email. This email includes an eight (8) digit location code which uniquely identifies your first location.

Enter the code into location launcher's keypad. If you make a mistake, Quetzal will tell you that the location for that code could not be found. After typing in your location code correctly it will confirm with you by displaying the name of the organization and location. Choose use this location to associate this iPad with your location.

You will not need to enter this code on subsequent launches of the app. In the future when you launch Quetzal, it will take you directly to your location.

How can I disassociate my iPad from a location?

If you have previously entered a location code into the location launcher and your iPad is now always going directly to that location, but you wish to associate this iPad with another location, you can clear the location code via the settings app.

Return to the iOS home screen, find and launch the settings app. Scroll to the bottom of the list of applications on the left and choose Quetzal.

On the right hand side you should see your location code filled into the field. Select the field and clear it. You do not need to save this setting. Simply leave the settings app, and return to Quetzal. You will be presented again with the location launcher.

There is an alternative method of changing which location your iPad is associated with. First, if you are logged into Quetzal you must fully log out. If a screen is maximized, press the home icon to minimize the screen. Next, press the Quetzal icon near the top left corner of the screen, and then choose log out.

After you have logged out, you will be returned to the iOS home screen. Launch Quetzal again, but when it asks you for the shared password, do not enter your password. Instead press the unlock button. The pad will tell you that your access is denied. Press the unlock button once more and the access pad will reveal a help bar to help you resolve why you cannot log in. Choose "wrong store?" from the right of the help bar. This will automatically disassociate this iPad with the current location, it will clear the location code from the iOS settings app for you, and you will be returned immediately to the location launcher.