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About the shared password


Shared password is a common password for gaining primary access to Quetzal. It can be recovered over email by the owner of the organization.
It should be shared only with employees who must open the store for the day. Each location can have its own shared password. A shared password can be changed by any user with access rights to administration.

Quetzal philosophy

Your data is all safely backed up and stored in Quetzal's cloud system, but when you need to run your operations you want it to be fast and responsive. And what happens when you go offline? You want to be able to keep making sales, knowing your prices and tracking your inventory. In order to accomplish this Quetzal downloads the most relevant and up to date data and stores it locally each time you launch the application. Reading this data out of Quetzal's cloud system is critically important, but Quetzal is accessible through the internet and you want to keep your data private. The shared password is what protects your data from being read by just anyone. Making changes to the data will still require an additional level of authentication.

Why is it called a shared password?

Each user account can have their own private PIN for access to the terminal, and can also be assigned an email and password for gaining access to the other screens. These should be kept private. However the shared password is one which is used to gain primary access to the location and is required immediately upon launch of the application. With a shared password the application is granted the ability to download all the data necessary to run operations offline.

The shared password, therefore, is called a shared password because it is meant to be shared with each of the employees whose job it is to open the store for the day. They will need it to launch the application and download the most up to date items, prices, inventory and more.

How does the shared password get set?

The shared password for your first location is specified in the sign up form on Quetzal's public website. A summary of all sign up information is sent in the sign up confirmation email.

A shared password can be changed by editing location information. Locations can be edited by going to the administration screen, which can only be accessed by the owner user, or by additional users who have been assigned access rights to the administration screen.

What do I do if I can't remember the shared password?

If you attempt to put in a shared password and get it wrong, the access pad will inform you that your access has been denied. After the second failed attempt a helpful bar will appear at the bottom of the access pad presenting two options.

One option is that your shared password may be right, but you are attempting to access the wrong location. Selecting "wrong location?" will take the application back to the location launcher and remove the current location code from the iOS settings app. From there you can reenter the location code to make sure you are attempting to gain access to the correct location.

The other option is to email the shared password. Selecting email shared password will send the shared password to the email address associated with the owner of the organization. The only feedback presented to the user is that the email has been sent. The shared password will not be changed as a result of this action. If you no longer have access to the email account associated with the owner user, you will need to contact technical support.