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About the reports screen

The reports screen is where you will be able to run detailed reports on all aspects of your business. These reports will allow you determine what you need to buy, what colors and sizes are popular, who is making the most sales, and much more.


The Metric tab allows you to see the daily summary of sales, transaction data from any date along with individual receipts, what to buy and many other reports. Reports can be filtered by items, tags, location, and sales associate. You can learn more about the Metrics reports here


The History tab provides you with the ability to view historical data. You can view Net revenue, Price, Cost, and Discounts amongst other features. All reports can be filtered based on item, tag, size, color, location, and sales associate. You can find more detailed information on the History reports


The Customers tab is the location where you can see customer centric reports. From the customer reports you can find out what customers are buying, how much they are spending, who is profitable, and get all the information you need to create targeted marketing lists. You can get more detailed information on Customer Reports here