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About customer reports


This article describes the way that Quetzal handles and uses customer information. For further discussion regarding the customer panel in the terminal screen read How to manage customer accounts.

Quetzal philosophy

Quetzal lets you easily track your customer sales and understand who really are your best customers.

In designing Quetzal, we wanted to make it as non-intrusive as possible to both collect information as well as interact with you customer. For instance, during your busy day in the store your clerks shouldn't have time to waste with elaborate customer details forms. Back in the day of relational databasing, each shred of information had to be put into its proper place at the time of insertion. This leads to vast and confusing forms containing a field for each little tidbit of information. This is ugly, inefficient and unnecessary. What is important is the information itself, not the method of collection.

Quetzal gives you a very simple form that lets you input whatever information your customer is willing to give and what you really want to collect. Right away, you are minimizing the effort required to get the relevant information and allowing for more time to interact with your customer when they are at the point of sale buying your products. With Quetzal your have powerful tools that let you spend more time with your customer. This lets you make more money and stay in business.

Quetzal can tell the difference between an email address and a phone number as well as a street address. Modern manners dictate that, in general, the most you can ask of your customer is their email and/or phone number.

Quetzal makes it easy to input the information as well as get it out.

When it comes time to report (and export), all the fields are properly separated so that you can use some of the great systems out there available for contact resource management. Otherwise, all you really need to know about your customer is right in front of you at the point of sale.

This is a very important part of the Quetzal system that helps you inderstand your customer, use your data and make more money.

The reports themselves

In the reports screen, customers tab you can select several different metrics involving your customers.

All of the customer reports allow you to send yourself a .csv file containing the data you selected. You can use this information to expedite an email campaign, send notes of appreciation or integrate with an outside CRM program.