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How to hook up printers for use with Quetzal


This article will walk you through the steps required to connect any supported printer to your network for use with Quetzal.

Quetzal philosophy

Quetzal makes use of printers that are universally supported and connected via your pre-existing network. There are no drivers to install.

All printers connect simply with the included cables to an available power outlet and to your internet router. Once the printer is physically connected, please read about how to configure a static IP address.

Connecting your printer to a power outlet

Every printer comes with two power cables and a power conversion box. The first cable connects the power conversion box to the wall outlet. The second cable is already connected to the power conversion box.

Plug the first cable into the power conversion box.

Next you connect the second cable to the back of the printer. The connector on the cable has two useful features. The shape of the connector is a semi-circle with one flat edge. The flat edge helps you to know how the cable must be oriented to correctly attach to the printer.

The second useful feature is a secure latching mechanism on the cable connector. Once the cable is connected, it cannot be accidentally removed by tugging the cable or moving the printer.

To attach or detach the power cable from the printer you must gently pull back the sheath around the cable connector. Insert the connector while the sheath is pulled back. After the cable is connected, it can only be removed by first pulling back the sheath and then pulling the cable out.

Each printer has a slightly different back panel configuration. All of the printers have a removable back panel. If you cannot see the ports on the back of the printer, or cannot reach them in a convenient way, you can remove the back panel by firmly but evenly pulling on it.

The epson printers show an outline of the shape of the secure power connector to show how to orient the cable. The Epson Receipt printer is shown in the photograph, the flat edge of the power connector is oriented towards the bottom of the printer. For the white Quetzal-branded Receipt printer the flat edge of the power cable must be oriented in the opposite direction towards the top of the printer.

The printer will look approximately as follows with the power cable connected.

After the secure power connector has been connected to the back of the printer, it is then safe to plug the power cable into the wall outlet.

Connecting your printer to the network

Quetzal uses your iPad's wifi connection to communicate with the printer over the local area network. A wifi router is required to use Quetzal with receipt and label printers.

All Quetzal printers include an ethernet networking cable. The color and length of the cable may not be as shown in the photographs. Both ends of the cable are identical.

Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the back of the printer. The cable will only connect one way. If the printer is a receipt printer it may have an additional port that looks similar to the ethernet port but smaller. The ethernet cable should snap smoothly and securely into the printer's ethernet port. Do not force the cable.

The other end of the ethernet cable must be connected to the same wifi networking router used to connect your iPad to the internet. Most commercially available routers for home or small office have one differentiated port, it may have a different color or be set apart from the other ports. The differentiated port will be connected to your DSL or Cable modem. There are typically between three (3) and five (5) additional ports that are grouped together. Any of these other ports are suitable for connecting a Quetzal Printer's ethernet cable.

Once the printer is physically connected, please read about how to configure a static IP address.