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About Quetzal Printers


This article lists the supported Quetzal Printers with links to printer related resources to help you get started.

Quetzal philosophy

Supported Quetzal printers just work. There are no drivers to install. All printers are connected to the network, and are addressed by Quetzal via their IP address. Printers come from the factory in a mode which automatically conforms to your specific network settings. Printers need to be configured to have a reliable static IP address in order to be used by Quetzal.

Printer Setup

There are three main steps to use a printer with Quetzal. The printer must be physically connected the network and plugged into an electrical outlet. The printer must have a static IP address assigned to it. The address of the printer must be entered into Quetzal's printer integrations panel.

Supported Receipt printers

Epson TM-88V
Star TSP-650ii
Star TSP-700II (Combo Label/Receipt)

Supported Label printers

Epson TM-L90
Star TSP-700II (Combo Label/Receipt)