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How to connect the network


Some Quetzal hardware components can be connected to the iPad over bluetooth others are connected via the wired network which can be accessed by the iPad over WiFi. Connecting wired peripherals is as easy as connecting the peripheral to your router with an ethernet cable. Everything else is automatic. No drivers or extra software are ever needed.


This article will describe how to connect devices to your WiFi router. Quetzal supports core functionality without an active internet connection. However, a connection to a local wireless router is required for the iPad to communicate with network-based peripherals. Quetzal's label and receipt printers as well as the cash drawer are components which require an ethernet network.

Connecting the Quetzal router

We recommend the Apple Airport Extreme or Timecapsule routers. Although any fast and modern WiFi router should suffice.

The router's WAN port must be connected via an ethernet cable to an internet source. This can be a cable or DSL modem, another LAN connection that provides internet access or a cellular modem with a compatible ethernet bridge.

If you need cellular connectivity please check with your local cellular internet provider for availability in your area.

The router must support DHCP in the 192.168.X.X range. This is standard and most routers come configured this way out of the box.

Each Quetzal peripheral must be connected via the supplied ethernet cable to any one of the router's available LAN ports. A typical router will have one WAN port but several LAN ports. No special configuration is required, Quetzal will automatically detect the printers if they are powered on and connected to the same router as your iPad.

The cash drawer is not connected directly to the wireless router, but is instead connected via the supplied 4-pin Cash Drawer Cable (RJ-11 telephone cable) to the back of the receipt printer.

The router's required connection to the internet via an ethernet cable is not displayed in the above diagram.