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How to configure the OPN3002i Hand Scanner


Quetzal is designed out of the box to work seamlessly with the OPN3002i bluetooth hand held scanner from Opticon. It's super fast and battery operated, for wirelessly scanning both one and two dimensional barcodes. It's the perfect companion to Quetzal label printing.

How to scan with the OPN3002i

Press the trigger key and release immediately. Hold the scanner with the 2D imager end facing the scancode, held approximately one foot (1 ft) away from the scancode. The scanner will continue searching for the scancode until it successfully scans it for up to two (2) seconds after release of the trigger key. When the scanner successfully captures the scancode it will provide feedback. Feedback is configurable as either a beep, a subtle vibration or both.

If the scanner fails to capture the scancode, press and release the trigger key again and vary the distance between the scanner and the scancode. Damaged scancodes may not be scannable.

How to configure OPN3002i

If the OPN3002i is not currently configured for use with your iPad, the following instructions will guide you through the simple steps required to hook it up and configure it for use with Quetzal.

Scannable Configuration Options

The OPN3002i is configured by scanning the special configuration QR Codes. To scan a code, press the trigger key once while pointing the 2D imager end at the code. Codes can be scanned directly from most computer displays, including any iPad or iPhone display.

Step 1: Reset the Scanner to clear all previous settings and device pairings:

Step 2: Put the Scanner into "HID" (Human Interface Device) mode:

Step 3: Enable the iOS virtual keyboard

Step 4: Turn off USB-Data:

Turning off USB-Data allows the scanner to be connected to a charger with a USB cable, while maintaining its wireless bluetooth connection to your iPad at the same time.

Step 5: Choose your preferred feedback mode:

The OPN3002i hand scanner has the ability to produce an audible "beep", as well as to produce a subtle vibration that can be felt in your hand. Feedback is provided via one or both of these methods whenever a code is scanned. Scan the code below according to your preference:

Vibrate Only Beep Only Beep and Vibrate

Pair Hand Scanner with iPad

On the iPad that runs Quetzal, if you are not at the springboard, go there by pressing the physical home button on the iPad. Find and launch the iPad's Settings app. Tap "Bluetooth" from the left-hand column.

If Bluetooth is not enabled, enable it by switching the switch on.

If you have previously paired an OPN3002 hand scanner and want to pair a new one, or re-pair the same scanner after resetting its configuration, you need to have your iPad forget the previous pairing. In the Bluetooth panel under the section "MY DEVICES" you will see the OPN3002 listed. Press the blue "i" icon on the right side of that bar. Then press "Forget This Device." When it asks to confirm choose "OK". When the previous device is forgotten you will be returned to the main Bluetooth panel automatically.

Press and hold the small "function key" on the hand scanner. Hold for approximately 5 seconds, until you hear it beep and vibrate. The hand scanner is now in "pairing mode." The iPad should find and list a device whose name starts with "OPN-3002i". Tap on this to select tell the iPad to pair with the hand scanner. After a few seconds, the iPad should say "Connected", and a few seconds later the hand scanner should beep and vibrate again. The two devices are now paired.

Within Quetzal, there are are no other configuration requirements. Scanning a barcode from the terminal, if the barcode is associated with an item in your system, will add the item to the ledger. If any text field is in focus, and the virtual keyboard is on the screen, scanning a barcode will cause the number of the barcode to be inserted into the text field.

Disconnecting from bluetooth to save power

If you are not going to use the hand scanner for a period of time, you can temporarily disable its bluetooth connection to the iPad to conserve power in both devices.

To disable the bluetooth connection, press and hold the trigger button for 5 seconds. When the bluetooth connection is disabled, the bluetooth icon in the status bar at the top of the iPad screen will turn a lighter shade of grey.

To reestablish the bluetooth connection, it is not necessary to leave the Quetzal app. Simply press and hold the trigger button for 5 seconds. The scanner will beep and vibrate to indicate that it is trying to connect. The bluetooth icon in the iPad status bar will blink and turn a darker shade of grey to indicate that it is reconnected.

You can immediately continue using the scanner as normal.