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How to configure the Moneris Pin Entry Device (PED)


In select countries, Quetzal offers an EMV Compliant integrated payment solution with Moneris. If you are integrated with Moneris and have received the Moneris Pin Entry Device (IPP320 by Ingenico), the following article describes how to configure the pinpad for integration with Quetzal.

How to configure IPP320 Pin Entry Device

If the IPP320 is not configured for use with Quetzal already, when you receive it from Moneris, this article describes the process of configuring it.

The IPP320 is an ethernet connected device. Plug it into the wall and connect its ethernet cable to your network router.

Access the IPP320's configuration mode

During the boot up process of the IPP320, it displays several messages on the screen. While it is displaying the serial number press the Red X button, lower left, then press the Green O button, lower right, in quick succession. It is safe to press these buttons in succession multiple times while the PED is booting up if you are unsure of when it is ready for them.

You will know that you have successfully entered the configuration mode when the screen displays the option to choose your preferred language, English or French.

These instructions are for configuring the PED in English. The PED can also be configured in French if desired.

To cause the IPP320 to boot up, it can be restarted by unplugging it from the wall and then plugging it back in.

Understanding the menu selection controls

When the PED wants you to type in a number, if the number you want is already filled into the display, after a brief pause you can press the Green O button, lower right, to accept that number and move on to the next step.

Configuration Settings Required for Quetzal

Below follow the screen-by-screen settings required for integrating the IPP320 PED with Quetzal.

The IP Address of the PED must be set according to the specifics of your network's subnet configuration. If your network is on the subnet the PED should be set to also be on

The final octet of the IP address can also be customized. Quetzal supports up to 5 lanes and each lane can have its own Moneris PED. The final octet of the PED's IP address can be set from 231 to 235, 23x where x ranges from 1 to 5 corresponding to the lane number assigned to the iPad.