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How to configure the CS4070 Hand Scanner


The Zebra Technologies CS4070-HC hand scanner is quick, effective and works famously with Quetzal. This article will help you learn how to set up and use your scanner to its fullest potential.

How to scan with the OPN3002i

Point the scanner at your scan code and press the plus button to scan the item. When the scanner has successfully read a code, the device will beep and the LED will turn green. In addition, it is also possible to configure the parameters of this feedback. The device has an effective scanning range of approximately one foot. As an HID compliant device, the CS4070-HC is capable of entering the data it decodes in a selected field in your Quetzal system.

If the scanner fails to capture the scancode, press the plus button again and vary the distance between the scanner and the scancode. Damaged scancodes may not be scannable.

Note that pressing the minus button underneath the plus sign will stop the HID features of the scanner, allowing you to use the iPad keyboard to enter information manually. To access HID functions again, simply press the minus button a second time.

How to configure CS4070-HC

If the CS4070-HC is not currently configured for use with your iPad, the following instructions will guide you through the simple steps required to hook it up and configure it for use with Quetzal.

Scannable Configuration Options

The CS4070-HC can be configured by scanning special bar codes that automatically change the modes of the device.

Step 1: Reset the Scanner to clear all previous settings and device pairings:

Step 2: Put the Scanner into "HID" (Human Interface Device) mode:

Step 3: Choose your preferred feedback mode:

The CS4070-HC hand scanner has the ability to produce an audible "beep", as well as to produce a subtle vibration that can be felt in your hand. Feedback is provided via one or both of these methods whenever a code is scanned. Scan the code below according to your preference:

Enable Beep Disable Beep Vibrate On Vibrate Off

Pair Hand Scanner with iPad

On the iPad that runs Quetzal, if you are not at the springboard, go there by pressing the physical home button on the iPad. Find and launch the iPad's Settings app. Tap "Bluetooth" from the left-hand column.

If Bluetooth is not enabled, enable it by switching the switch on.

Press and hold the small Bluetooth key on the hand scanner. Hold for approximately 5 seconds, until you hear it beep and the blue LED above the Bluetooth button begins flashing. The hand scanner is now in "pairing mode." The iPad should find and list a device whose name starts with "CS4070". Tap on this to select tell the iPad to pair with the hand scanner. After a few seconds, the iPad should say "Connected", and a few seconds later the hand scanner should beep again. The two devices are now paired. Note that if the beep has been disabled, it will not sound when pairing the device.

Within Quetzal, there are are no other configuration requirements. Scanning a barcode from the terminal, if the barcode is associated with an item in your system, will add the item to the ledger. If any text field is in focus, and the virtual keyboard is on the screen, scanning a barcode will cause the number of the barcode to be inserted into the text field.