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How to configure a back display


Any device can be used as a back display. Quetzal provides a convenient QR Code which can be scanned by the back display device to take it directly to the back display app and link it to the scanned location. The back display is protected by the same shared password.

Quetzal philosophy

Having a back display is a great way to let your customer know the progress of his or her sale. Quetzal makes it super easy to connect up any device, an iPod touch, iPhone or other smart phone, to serve as the customer facing display. And Quetzal's live data updating architecture is what powers the display updates. Everytime anything in the transaction changes, a new item is added to the ledger, a discount is applied, or a payment is taken, the back display is instantly sent a message telling it to show what's new.

Sounds great, how do I configure a back display?

There is very little configuration required. Once you have decided which device you want to serve as your back display, it's as simple as linking it to your Quetzal location. If you don't already have a QR Code scanning application on your mobile device, you should download one first.

For iOS, we recommend Quick Scan from iHandy.

Next, using the iPad you want to connect your back display to, maximize the terminal screen by pinning in.

Select the back display tab from the left side of the screen. You are presented with a brief description of the connection process and a QR Code.

Using the QR Code scanner on your mobile device, scan the linking QR Code. The code embeds the address, location code and terminal ID, everything needed to link your back display to this very terminal. Using the QR Code scanner, have it open the scanned result in a web browser.
On an iOS device, you can add this website to the home screen for quickly accessing it later, and without the browser controls.

You will need to put in the shared password for this location each time the back display app is opened. This is to protect your data. After putting in your password the back display will begin by saying that it is ready for transactions. When any change occurs to the current transaction, it will be immediately reflected on the back display.