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How to use the size and color matrix


Quetzal lets you organize your items that have size and color attributes.
You can have up to twenty sizes and ten colors that can be searched, referenced or filtered in reports. The matrix lets you assign unique inventory quantities scancodes for each element. Prices and costs may differ by size. For a discussion about matrix items and how Quetzal handles them please see the article about the size and color matrix.

How do I create a matrix item?

To create a matrix item, begin by creating a basic item. Now press the matrix create button on the right side of the item details panel to promote this item from basic to matrix.

The sizes and colors panel will appear which lets you input up to twenty (20) sizes and up to ten (10) colors.

Go ahead and enter the sizes, colors, prices and costs for the new matrix item. Return to the item details panel by pressing the details button.

Get back to the item details panel by pressing the details button in the center near the top.

You can assign scancodes to the individual matrix items for sales and inventory tracking.
Select the codes strip in the item details panel, and a grid of your sizes and colors for this item appears.

Enter your scancodes for the various sizes and colors.

NOTE: If you leave the scancode fields blank, Quetzal will automatically assign a random number to each cell when a label is printed.

Once complete, again, return to the details panel by pressing the details button.

Select on the tags strip to assign tags to this new item.

Tags can be used to categorize and filter your items. Check the appropriate tags and add new ones if necessary. Please see the full entry regarding Tags for further details.

Select inventory to declare the starting inventory count for this item. The adjust inventory panel appears which lets you alter the starting inventory count for all the various sizes and colors.

On an iPad you may use a vertical slide gesture to modify the inventory count.

iPad gesture tip: Simply hold down on the adjustment nub beside the value and slide your finger up until the desired value is reached.

Quetzal indicates the change in value (the "delta") of the inventory adjustment. You may add a notation to this inventory event for future reference.

Once complete, press "Make Adjustment" and you will be taken back to the item details panel.

To quickly print labels for one or all of your new item's sizes and colors press the "print labels" strip to get to the label printing panel.

Quetzal makes it easy to print attractive name-price-scancode labels for sticking on all your items. This allows for efficient item handling and tracking. Please read more about label printing here.

Now you are finished! The new Item in all it's colours and sizes is ready to to be sold in the terminal.