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How to print labels


This article describes label printing software features and explains how to use Quetzal to to produce labels one at a time, or for an entire color–size matrix, and all inventory.

Quetzal Philosophy

Quetzal supports two sizes of label, narrow and wide. The label layout is preconfigured to optimally use the space available and to produce a pleasant and useful appearance. Quetzal uses QR Codes as scancodes rather than traditional barcodes. QR Codes can encode more information in a more compact space, and offers superior scanning reliability.

Printing labels from Quetzal couldn't be easier. Select any product in the management screen and label printing buttons are front and center. You can print labels one at a time or print batches of labels according to your available inventory. Even if your product doesn't have a scancode, printing a label will generate a scancode for the product automatically.

Getting started

Quetzal gives you a powerful way of printing attractive product label stickers as well as assigning scancodes to items. In combination with the Quetzal hardware bundle and additional label printer, printing labels is convenient and easy.

When you buy the label printer we ship you two rolls of labels (2,000 labels) to get you started. Labels are available in two sizes, either narrow (2"W x 1"H) or wide (3"W x 1"H).

To print labels you must use the Quetzal app on an iPad.

Learn about configuring printers.

Once your label printer has been configured you can press any label print button and Quetzal will print a label with a QR scancode of the item code number, as well as the item name, note, size, color and price. Quetzal labels can be applied to existing tags on articles of clothing or shoes.

Printing Labels for a single item

In the management screen select an item. If the item is a non–matrix item the label printing buttons appear immediately on the item details panel to the right of the inventory field.

You can print one label at a time by pressing the Print One Label button. Or print one label for each item inventory in stock.

Printing Labels for size and color matrix items

In the management screen select an item. If the item has a matrix of sizes and colors a Print Labels button appears right on the details screen to the right of the inventory field. Press the Print Labels button to see the matrix item label printing panel.

From the matrix item label printing panel you can select any size and color combination. You can print one label at a time for the selected size and color by pressing the Print Single Label button. Or you can print one label for each item of inventory in stock for the selected size and color.

Managing a large print job

When printing labels for non–matrix items or when printing labels for a single size–color combination of a matrix item you cannot stop the print job once it has begun. All labels will be spooled to the label printer.

When you are using the powerful option of printing all labels for an item's entire size-color matrix a confirmation popover is presented to confirm that you want to begin printing. The button specifies how many labels will be printed.

When you begin printing an entire item matrix each label is sent to the printer one after the next and a progress bar indicates how many have been printed out of the total. You can press the Stop Printing button at any time to end the print job.

Because of the location of the printer's printing mechanism the last label printed remains concealed inside the printer. This is because the next available label must be left in a position read to be printed to. To expose the last label printed, use the printer's paper feed button.

However, using the feed button will cause one or possibly two labels to be unused. In order to most economically use labels we recommend only using the paper feed button when you do not have any more labels to print and you still need to retrieve the last one printed.