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How to clone items


Cloning items in Quetzal allows you to quickly add new variants of items that already exist on your system. When an item is cloned, the resulting item will keep almost everything that the previous item had, with the exceptions of inventory quantity, scan codes and internal codes.

Cloning an item

Cloning an item is done in the Management screen. To begin the process, the first step is to choose the item you wish to clone, like the knit top shown in the example below. Next you will need to hold down the plus button, the same button you would use to add a new item.

Holding the button down for at least 4 seconds should cause your selected item to be cloned. The clone should have the same name as its source item, with the exception that it will have a number at the end of the name denoting it. You can still rename this item however you like.

Cloned items retain any notes that were associated to the original item. They also keep the same sizes and colours, as well as any associated prices and costs they may have had. Additionally, tags will also carry over from the previous item. The only fields that will be blank are the scan codes, internal codes and inventory of the item. All of the fields that carried over, like sizes and colours, can be altered just like any other item.