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How to add an item


Quetzal can inform you of what to buy, how much profit you can make and which customer is buying. An inventory item can have its quantity tracked, can be organized by tags, and can have scancode labels printed for easy handling. This is the set of instructions to follow when you want to add a basic item into the system.

How to add a basic item

First, log into the management screen and select the items tab.

The selectable list of all items is on the left.

Simply press the plus sign at the bottom of the items list.

Now a new untitled item is automatically created.

Type in the name of the new item and a description. As you type the name of the item, Quetzal will instantly put it where it belongs in the list. State the price and the cost of the item so that Quetzal can track your revenue and profit as well as calculate reorder costs.

Additionally, you can enter in the scancode well as any internal code that you use in your retail business to keep track of your items. If you leave the scancode field blank, Quetzal will automatically assign a random scancode to the item at the time it prints a label. See the complete entry on labels and label printing for more details.

Select the tags strip to assign tags to this new item. Tags are used to categorize and filter your items. Select the appropriate tags and add new ones if necessary. Please see the full entry regarding Tags for further details.

Select inventory to declare the starting inventory count for this item as well as a notation for future reference.

Now you are finished. The new item is ready to to be sold in the terminal.