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About matrix items


Quetzal lets you organize your items that have size and color attributes. You can have up to twenty (20) sizes and ten (10) colors that can be searched, referenced or filtered throughout the program. The matrix lets you assign unique inventory quantities and scancodes for each element. Each size can be assigned a different price and cost.

What Makes a Matrix Item Different

A Matrix item differs from a single item is that it has the ability to have different sizes, colors, and different costs and prices based on those sizes. An individual (non-matrixed) item is only a single item with no size or color options. Within Quetzal, matrix items are denoted with the icon seen below.

Sizes and Colors

An item matrix can hold 20 different sizes and 10 distinct colors for a total of 200 different iterations of that item. Each iteration can have a discrete or identical cost and price. The ability to set sizes and colors along with cost and prices will allow you to pull insightful reports such as the profit report and break the data down by those sizes and colors.

Scan Codes

In a matrix there are two options when it comes to the scan codes. The first option is to use the same scan code for all items, which will when scanned present a pick list to the clerk to select the correct size and color for the item being sold. The second option is to assign a unique scan code for each item. With this the second option there will be no need for the clerk to select the size or color of the item. Either way you will still have the ability to drill down into the data to get meaningful information.

Tapping the Internal Code button near the top of the screen will allow you to set internal codes for your items.

Internal Codes

Internal code can be used for internal tracking or inventory purposes. Unlike scan codes, internal codes need to be manually entered or scanned (existing UPC) into the field. internal codes are able to share the same number as the scan code. Internal codes are not used for any customer facing interaction. The internal codes menu looks identical to the scan codes menu.

Prices and Costs

Along with being able to have multiple sizes and colors, you are able to set the Price (retail price) and Cost for an individual entry in a matrix. The price and costs can be unique or identical as required. Prices and costs are set based on the sizes in the matrix. In the example below, you can see an instance where one size is of a different price than the others.

By swiping the top price in a list, you are given the option to apply that price to all other items in the list, which will greatly speed up the process of entering prices for multiple items in a matrix. In the example below, tapping the blue button that has appeared after swiping will cause every other size underneath it to change to $300.00.


Quetzal allows inventory of matrix items to be increased by a size and colour basis. It works just like increasing the inventory of individual items, allowing you to either just input the appropriate number, or swipe your finger on the small bars to adjust the number incrementally. The adjust inventory screen also allows for notes to be made regarding the item, when required.

In the example above, we can see the delta that appears when you swipe your finger along the three bars next to the quantity value. The further you swipe, the higher the increment or decrement of the item quantity.

Print Labels

Tapping the print labels option will bring up the print labels screen, which allows you to select either individual size and colour combinations for printing, or print all of the possible labels. If an item doesn't have an appropriate scan code, Quetzal will automatically assign one and generate an appropriate QR code. This feature allows you to quickly generate scan codes if you do not wish to manually assign codes, making the process of setting up new items in a matrix a whole lot easier.

As seen in the above example, the Print All Inventory button would produce labels for each colour for the highlighted size, in this case 6. The Print 1 Label button only prints a label for the selected size and colour combination. Finally, the red Print All button in the top right corner will print every possible combination which is ideal when introducing a new matrix item to your store.