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About the management screen


The management screen is where items are added, modified and deleted. Items can be imported and mass adjusted. Labels can be printed, inventory can be managed and tags, system tags, brand tags and tag-based tax exemptions can be configured.

Quetzal philosophy

A major component of any point of sale system is the ability to easily work with your items and inventory. Quetzal's support for matrix items isn't just an afterthought, we designed it from the ground up around color and size matrices. We know that you probably already have an item file perhaps from another system, so we gave Quetzal a powerful and flexible item importing utility that can be adapted to nearly any CSV formatted input. And the third major way of working with your items is tags. We designed Quetzal's item management around tags instead of a rigid hierarchy of categories. Tags are incredibly flexible. Tag your items with any number of descriptive keywords, they can be used later to filter reports, apply tax exemptions, inform you about the habits of your customers and help you find and update your items in groups.

How to work with items

Quetzal uses a highly efficient scrolling list that can display thousands of items and smoothly scroll through them without any hiccups. Items are organized in a flat list rather than in a rigid hierarchy, and with tagging the equivalent of groups or categories can be accomplished in an ad hoc way. The item list is the fundamental mechanism for searching through your items.

The top of the list has a search field. Anything typed into this field will instantly reduce the number of results shown in the list to only those items matching the search terms. If there are multiple search terms, only items which match all terms will be displayed. The search terms can be part of the item name, note, price, scancode, internal code or one of its tags. This is very powerful. Simply typing ".99" into the search field will show you all of the items whose price ends in ".99".

Running down the length of the right hand side of the list is a character strip. Pressing on this strip will move the list through the alphabet. At the bottom right of the list is a tag icon. Selecting the tag icon will display the tag picker panel.

Tags can be sorted within the picker panel in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, and also by most popular and least popular. Popularity is based on how many items include the tag. Selecting a tag causes the tag to be added to the item search field automatically. And unselecting a tag will remove it from the search field. Any combination of tags can be selected, and as usual for the search field, the list will be reduced to only those items which have all of the selected tags.

How to add items to the system

The simplest way to get items into Quetzal is to add them one at a time. This can be accomplished by pressing the plus button at the bottom left of the item list.

If you have a large item file and require the data to be imported en masse, the Quetzal support team may be able to help you. Quetzal support has the ability to take your data, massage it as necessary and import as much of it as possible using an in-house mass importing tool.

Please contact support for more information about mass importing of items and inventory.

What data fields can I manage for my items?

Items in Quetzal come in two varieties. Basic items and matrix items.

Basic items have a name, note, price, cost, scancode, internal code, a list of tags and an inventory amount. The inventory is tracked separately across multiple locations. All other fields are the same at all locations.

NOTE: Items can be deleted, one at a time, by pressing the delete button and then confirming that you really want to delete the item. Deleting an item cannot be undone. Deleting an item will not prevent you from seeing that item in historical reports or in the purchase history of a customer.

A basic item can be promoted to a matrix item by pressing the matrix icon button.

Matrix items have a name and note, ten (10) colors and twenty (20) sizes. Each size has a price and cost field. Each matrix item has one scancode and one internal code for each size/color combination. Each matrix item also has an inventory amount for each size/color combination at each location. A single list of tags applies to the entire matrix item.

I've set prices for my items, can I print price tags?

Yes you can. In Quetzal price tags with scannable barcodes are referred to as labels and label printing. From the item details panel there are several options for printing product labels. If you haven't already you will need to purchase the Quetzal hardware bundle and additional label printer.