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About system requirements


Quetzal can be used on an iPad by using the Quetzal app downloaded from the Apple app store. Quetzal can also be used, with a reduced feature set, through a modern web browser on a laptop or desktop Mac or PC, by visiting

Quetzal philosophy

We designed Quetzal first and foremost to be a great iPad app. You can do everything with Quetzal right on the iPad, including managing inventory, running reports, and administering your users and products, along with, of course, making sales and taking payments. However, for certain tasks you may find it easier or faster to access Quetzal using a Mac or PC. You can use Quetzal in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox for Mac or PC.

Which iPad can I use?

Any iPad running iOS 6 or greater can use the Quetzal app. This includes the iPad 2 or newer and the original iPad mini. Quetzal is fully optimized to take beautiful advantage of retina displays.

Quetzal cannot, at this time, be run on an iPhone or iPod touch. An iPhone or iPod touch may, however, be used as a Quetzal back display.

Which iPad should I use?

We recommend the iPad Air 2 or the iPad Pro. These iPads have the fastest specifications and the most computational resources. Your experience of Quetzal will be the best when running on these latest iPad models. Read more about recognizing which iPad you have here.

What requirements are there for running Quetzal on Mac or PC?

You can access Quetzal on a desktop or laptop Mac or PC by going to in the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

The feature set is slightly different if you are running on a computer. Quetzal can print receipts to a desktop printer if you have configured one properly to print from your operating system. USB barcode scanners can be used to scan codes into text fields and for scanning items into the terminal's sales ledger. Payments, however, are not integrated in the desktop version of Quetzal, nor is printing to the receipt printer or popping the cash drawer. Using Quetzal from a desktop is ideally suited for tasks which are better handled with a mouse and keyboard, such as adjusting prices or inventory across many items.

Quetzal requires a minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels inside the browser window.

If the browser is not being run in full screen mode, your computer display will have to have a resolution greater than 1024 x 748, depending on the toolbars and other window dressing in use by your computer.

On a PC, the standard way to put a browser into full screen mode is with the F11 key. On a Mac the standard full screen mode is via the full screen button in the upper right corner of the window or by pressing Command-Control-F.

For more information please read our tutorial on how to get your browser to use the maximum amount of screen space possible.

Can I use Quetzal on an Android tablet?

Android tablets are not supported at this time. However, an Android device may be used as a Quetzal back display.