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Ecommerce Syncing Mechanics


Due to the nature of how Quetzal and Shopify sync, Ecommerce can sometimes be more complex than regular Quetzal usage. This article will show you best practices and how to get the most out of Shopify integration.


Quetzal and Shopify "sync" in order to properly exchange data. This data includes things such as item and customer information. In order for both Quetzal and Shopify to have up to date information about things such as inventory counts, they must regularly sync so that data stays current. Quetzal automatically syncs every 30 minutes in order to ensure that there aren't any discrepancies between Quetzal and Shopify data. Additionally, you can manually cause Quetzal to sync by pressing the Sync Now button in the Ecommerce menu on the Administration screen's integration tab.

Item editing

When you edit a synced item in Quetzal, say by changing its inventory, those changes are also shown in Shopify. Conversely, if you alter an item in Shopify, those changes are not shown in Quetzal. Because of this, it is essential that you only alter items in Quetzal, as those alterations will then be shown in Shopify after a sync. Also note that any items that you create within Shopify will not appear in Quetzal.

Item modification between Quetzal and Shopify is primarily a one-way street: the most important thing to remember is that if you need to modify an item in some way, it's best to make the changes in Quetzal followed by a sync. This ensures that everything remains consistent.

New customers

When a customer makes an order through your Shopify site, they have to enter a variety of information, including their name, address and email. Once their order is placed and a sync happens, Quetzal takes that customer data and creates a new profile within the app. This new profile contains all of the information that they entered, as well as providing a note that explains that the profile was automatically created through Shopify.

In the event that the customer's email already exists on your Quetzal system, Quetzal will add the purchase information to that account instead of creating a new customer profile entirely.

In the event that the customer's email is listed under more than one account within your Quetzal system, the purchase information will be added to the first customer profile in the list.