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Ecommerce Overview


Quetzal is a capable Ecommerce solution via integration with Shopify. Integrating Quetzal with Shopify allows your Quetzal system to synchronize with your Shopify store, allowing you to upload items and inventory from Quetzal and keep track of sales both in-store and online. This article will give you an overview of integrating Shopify with Quetzal.

Ecommerce screen

In the Integration tab on the Administration screen, the Ecommerce option is available. When Quetzal is not integrated with a Shopify store, you will notice that the integration status indicates that it is not integrated and all other fields are blank. Before this screen can be used, you must first install the Quetzal app on your Shopify store.

Installing Quetzal in Shopify

In order to find the Quetzal app on the Shopify website, you can either search for "Quetzal" in the Shopify app store or click here. Once you're on the app page, simply press the Get button and you will be taken to a new page where you need to enter the eight digit location code for your store. Once you enter your code successfully, Shopify will allow you to add the Quetzal app. To confirm that integration was successful, you should see your Shopify store listed under the Ecommerce menu in Quetzal's integrations tab.

Configuring integration

Once you have successfully installed the Quetzal app in your Shopify store, you should now see that the Ecommerce option the Administration screen is showing new data. Specifically you should see that the integration status shows that the app is integrated, the name of your Shopify location and when the next sync will be. Quetzal automatically syncs with your Shopify store approximately every 30 minutes, although you can also manually sync by tapping the Sync Now button. After you sync for the first time, the Lastest Sync field will show the date and time of your most recent sync.

Selecting items for sync

To select an item for syncing with Shopify, the process is very straightforward. In the management screen, select the item you wish to sync and go into the tag selector. You will notice a Utility tag listed, Ecommerce, adding this tag will then automatically upload the item to your online store the next time Quetzal and Shopify sync.

Removing an item from Shopify

In some cases, you may find that you no longer want to have an item listed in your online store. In order to do this, simply remove the Ecommerce tag from the item in question.

Removing Shopify integration

Should you need to end your integration with Shopify, you will first want to remove the Ecommerce tag from your items within Quetzal and then manually sync with Shopify. After you have done this, it is recommended that you confirm that you no longer have any products showing up on your online store. From there, access the apps menu in your Shopify administration back end and remove the Quetzal app. In Quetzal, manually sync again and Quetzal will automatically detect that it is no longer integrated with Shopify.

Ecommerce Syncing Mechanics

For more detailed information for how the Ecommerce integration works, please read the Ecommerce Syncing Mechanics article.