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How to manage user accounts


This article describes the steps necessary to get your people up and running with the Quetzal system. Your users can be allowed access to only certain locations and, once there they can perform only the functions you specifically assign.

Quetzal Philosophy

Quetzal lets you manage your people with just the right amount of information without overdoing it. Many systems make the mistake of being too granular in their ability to assign rights. Quetzal recognizes that the reality is that on the floor, there are really only two types of users: clerks and managers. Ontside of the terminal, users can either access all the of the functionality of a particular panel or not at all. Any more complex that this creates an unnecessarily complicated interface.

You can have as many users as you like performing varying roles in the system accross multiple locations. When assigning any of the field data or access permisions, the system instantly records and broadcasts the change: there are no save buttons.


The selectable list of users is ordered alphabetically and is searchable.

When you select a user, the user details panel shows you most of the information relevant to that user including a graph of the recent sales activity. Like all the graphs in the Quetzal system, you can select a smaller section of the graph in order to zoom in to a more refined area of the graph.

In order to access the administrator, management or reports panels, a user must have an email and password assigned. It is important that the email be valid since all the exports from Quetzal are automatically sent as .csv files to the email addresss of the user currently logged in.

Assigning a PIN

The most basic user of the system is a clerk. A clerk only needs to have a five-digit personal identification number (PIN) in order to perform sales.

Select the PIN generation button to have Quetzal generate a unique 5-digit number for the user.
You can regenerate the PIN number as many times as you wish if you are seeking one that easy to remember.

A user only needs to have one PIN to get into all the locations permitted. The PIN is the unique identifier of a clerk who is performing sales in the system.

The owner user

The owner's user account is especially safe. The owner user is denoted by a crown avatar indicating the special status that the owner has in the system. The owner user has all the access rights as well as access to all the locations and there is no way to mistakenly remove these permissions from the owner user.

Quetzal goes a long way to protect the system from a mistake causing you to be locked out of your own system.

Unlike other users, a password confirmation is necessary in order to change the email of the owner user.

Access to locations and panels

Next, you will need to assign access rights to your new User.
Press the access rights strip to get to the panel that lets you assign permissions for the user.
There are very basic rights that can be assigned to a User which are labelled in this panel.

The top two selections are for PIN-only clerk access. A user set to manager level in the terminal will be able to reprint receipts and open the cash drawer when no change is due.

The remaining three choices allow you to assign complete access to the labelled screen.
For example you might want to give reports-only access to your outside accountant, or you might want to allow a manager to access only the management screen for updating Items and inventory - Quetzal is extremely flexible. Once the desired access rights are assigned go back to the User details by pressing the "details" button.

Grant store location access rights to the user by pressing the "location access" strip to reveal the location access assignment panel.
Here, you turn on or off the access to the locations that this user should have.