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How to manage account settings


Account settings encompass a variety of different options within Quetzal. This article will provide an explanation and suggest best practice for organizational account settings.

Account Settings

The Account tab can be found in the Administration screen and provides a number of options for you to personally tailor your organization in a variety of ways.

There are two formatting options: the number format and the date format. The number format allows you to set up how numbers are displayed, both within the Quetzal system and on the receipt. As the name implies, the date format provides several options for how date is presented.

The Currency Symbol Position is a switch that allows you to change the placement of the currency symbol to either before or after a given price. The Currency Symbol option allows you to switch between the many different currency symbols supported by Quetzal. If your desired currency symbol does not appear here, you can opt to have Quetzal omit a symbol entirely.

Terminal Lane Number

The terminal lane number function is used when a location has more than one payment processor available. In order to change the lane number, just tap the appropriate number, though note there might be a brief delay before the number changes. Quetzal uses a range of IP numbers when using integrated payment,*, where the * is a number from 1-5. The lane number button configures what IP the iPad will look for when using integrated payment and corresponds with the final digit in the last octet.

For instance, when using a Moneris PED, setting the IP of the device to will allow any iPad using lane 1 to connect to the device. If the Moneris PED number was instead set to, then iPads using lane 4 would be able to connect. The same schema applies to other pin pads as well.

In effect, the terminal lane number allows your store to seamlessly make use of several payment processors, which especially comes in handy on busier days.


The organization logo appears on your receipt, both when printed and when sent electronically. Selecting the browse function will allow you to choose the picture you would like to use, limited to JPG, PNG and GIF file types while limited at 1MB for space. When you select your picture it should appear properly in the preview.

In the "From Email Address" field, you can enter an email address that customers will see when you email them their receipt. By default emailed receipts will arrive from a generic unless you enter a different address in your field. The subject will display as Store Name - Living Receipt.

Additionally, Quetzal supports adding a footer to the end of your receipt, which you can customize to suit your organization's needs. Unlike the footer receipt section shown in the locations tab, this portion of the footer is shared among all of the locations within your organization. This makes it a great place to provide information on organization-wide policies, events and so on.