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How to configure integrated payments


This article explains how to set up integrated payments on the Quetzal system and provides details on that different credentials between different payment processors.


Payment integrations are always set up through the Integrations tab in the Administration screen under the payments option. From here you will see that several options are available, being either basic or advanced payment types.

Basic Payment Types

The top section of the basic payment types allows you to select which payment methods your store will offer. Cash is innately enabled and cannot be disabled. Personal checks can be enabled if you want your store to support them. Enabling store credit allows your customers to maintain store credit based on their customer accounts or by gift or charge cards.

If you choose to use store credit by using gift cards, best practice would be to enter the number for the gift card in the notes section in the customer's profile. This will allow clerks to simply search for the card in the customer search field, allowing them to quickly bring up the customer account and see how much store credit is available.

Advanced Payment Types

The advanced payment types supported in your Quetzal system depend on your region. For instance, a Canadian Quetzal system will have support for Moneris, while an American system will not. Integrating advanced payment types requires you to enter information that varies depending on what system you wish to integrate. For instance, integrating with Velocity requires a Merchant Profile ID, Merchant ID and Agent Bank. Examples of what these credentials would like within the system 89are shown in the examples seen below.


Within applicable regions, Moneris can be integrated into the Quetzal system. Doing so requires an ECR/Terminal ID, Merchant ID, Merchant Name, and Merchant Address. When the correct credentials have been input, the bottom of the screen should indicate a positive connection status. For specific information on configuring the Moneris IPP320, please take a look at this article.

Roam Data

The Roam Data dongle is capable of integration with Quetzal. A user name and password is required in order to access the features of the dongle. Once this has been achieved, the dongle can be plugged into the iPad's audio jack. When done correctly the bottom of the screen should indicate that the connection is active.


Mercury is fully integrated with Quetzal. In order to set up Mercury, you will require a Merchant ID and a password.


NAB Velocity works great with Quetzal. In order to properly integrate with Velocity, you will require a Merchant Profile ID, Merchant ID, and the identity of the agent bank where applicable.


SumUp can be integrated with Quetzal, but doing so is slightly different. In order to configure SumUp, you have to tap the Login button and enter the username and password that is authenticated with SumUp. Once the correct credentials are entered, Quetzal should report that it is logged in.


Sidecar provides support for payment systems that are not yet integrated with Quetzal. Sidecar is effectively run side-by-side with the Quetzal system, and requires manual input at the time of sale to work properly. When using Sidecar, you can select whether you want to have credit, debit and gift cards disabled on an individual basis.

Sidecar works differently from integrated payment options and requires input from the clerk to accurately reconcile with Quetzal's records. Please consult this article to learn how to effectively use sidecar in the terminal.

If you already have an integrated payment system, do not enable Sidecar!


Quetzal is fully integrated with CardSmith, a cloud-based transaction solution, primarily used by educational institutions. Quetzal specifically provides support for clerks to reload cards if applicable, as well as providing details for the specific brand of the card. Integrating with CardSmith requires setting up a Merchant ID and Terminal ID.

Adding CardSmith integration to your system causes the CardSmith option to appear in the terminal screen for each customer. From there you view their personal account number and current balance. If the card number has been entered incorrectly, you will see the message shown in the example below.