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How to configure locations


Quetzal allows for up to 10 locations inside a single organization. These locations share certain information such as Inventory, Users, and Customers, while other information like taxes, and sales goals are unique to each location. Reports allow the information to be viewed at the organization level or broken down by each individual location.

Where to Configure Locations

To configure the individual locations in Quetzal you will need to access the Administration screen on any Quetzal interface logged into one of the locations in the organization. In the Administration screen you will select the yellow 'Locations' tab (2nd tab from the top). This will present you with the Locations panel as seen below. The list on the left will show all available locations. This list may have a single location or multiple locations listed depending on the number of locations. On the right hand side you will see the first panel which displays basic locations information and a quick-look 2 month Recent Sales graph.

Main Location Panel

You will want to begin the process by selecting a location from the list on the left hand side of the screen (if one is not selected already). Simply pressing on a location will select it. You will notice that the information on the right hand side changes to reflect the newly selected location.

There are 2 panels for each location. You can switch between panels by selecting one of the 2 icons located above the righthand side panel (seen below).

The first icon (map marker) is the first panel with general location information and the box icon switches to the panel with taxes, sales thermometer settings, and the location's receipt message. The icon for the current tab will be highlighted.

Primary Panel

On the first panel you can can the Location Name, the shared password for this location, and the address of the location. To change any of this information simply select the field you wish to change and make the desired changes.

Recent Sales

The second section of the Primary panel is the Recent Sales section. This area shows a quick overview of the sales for the selected location for the last 2 months. It is possible to see the data in greater details by pressing and dragging your finger across the section of the graph you wish to see in greater detail. When zoomed in a 'Reset Zoom' will be presented which will reset the zoom on the graph to the original 2 month zoom level.

Secondary Panel

The secondary panel contains the location for the taxes, the sales thermometer, and the location's receipt message.


Quetzal supports 3 active taxes at any one time. The taxes can be named and given an appropriate value as required. It is also possible to have the taxes embedded into the price when it is printed out on a label.

Sales Thermometer

The Sales Thermometer settings allows you to set the sale thermometer to the best day ever or to specify a sales goal for each location. If the value is left blank the thermometer will display the best day ever. Entering a value will display that value at the top of the thermometer. The second setting for the Sales Thermometer allows you to set the current sale and the sales to date to display as a dollar value, or as a percentage of the daily goal/best day ever value.

Location's Receipt Message

In addition to the organizational level receipt message which appears on receipts across all locations in the organization. It is possible to have a portion of the receipt message be customized for the location. This is an excellent location for location specific information such as phone number, address, email address, and store hours.